September 30, 2021

7:30 pm

David Crowder was a student at Baylor University when his musical career began. With Baylor being a Christian college, David was surprised to find out that many of the students didn’t attend church. His remedy? He started one with a friend named Chris Seay: University Baptist Church was born in 1995 to make church (and Jesus) something the 20-something students would not just come to and enjoy, but relate to, especially in music and fellowship- As Crowder explains, ”My music is definitely still music for the church to sing in a corporate setting, that’s for sure. That’s how I’m put together, and what I get excited about doing: helping the church announce things to God. Grace works on us all just the same. Love works on us all just the same. Freedom works on us all just the same. There’s only one definitive line and that’s the one between death and life. The songs I sing are about that divide spanned on our behalf and I pray they are subversive and healing in their insistence of that reality.

Tickets: $25, $32, $40, $65 (priority seating)

ON SALE 6/7/21 at 10am