March 16, 2024

7:00 pm

When Alice is stuck with her sister in a dull and boring park, magic ensues when she follows a very energetic (and late) white rabbit racing to his next destination. Little does Alice know that this one simple act, will send her falling down the rabbit hole to a magical land filled with crazy creatures, sinister sidekicks and a loud-mouthed Queen of Hearts who is determined that everyone should lose their head (both literally and figuratively). Up is down, large is small and nothing makes sense, much to Alice’s frustration, while attempting to make her way back home- and in the process discovers that even in the most simple of experiences and treasures, a true Wonderland can be found. 

Filled with fun songs, creative story telling and a little theatrical magic, Alice In Wonderland brings an exciting twist to the classic book written by Lewis Carroll. Approximately one hour in length. Presented by the Overlook Theatre Company.

Tickets: $14 In Advance, $17 Day Of Event- General Admission; On Sale 12/20/23 at 10am